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During the COVID-19 situation, I am available for all types of Decorating, Interior and Exterior.  Social Distancing and all COVID-19 Government guidelines must be adhered to, but if this is possible, I am more than happy to carry out small or larger contracts for you. Keep Safe. Call me.

My name is Steve Kaye, a local, well established, professional Interior & ExteriorDecorator.
I take pride in providing a competent and tidy service and work hard to achieve a professional, quality finish.
Imagine your home looking just the way you want it to. Take a few seconds to visualise the decorating you need doing, as it will be when it is completed. Isn’t that better?
I can provide you with both traditional and modern paint and wallpaper finishes.
Please feel free to call me on 01803 529538 or 07719 767212.
I would be pleased to provide you with a quotation. I will not break your budget and I am clean, tidy and fast.
I am confident in offering a straightforward, courteous, prompt, efficient and professional service. Just the way you want it.
A range of references from local clients is available.
Call me today. Please leave a message if I am not in. I’ll get right back to you.
In addition, my services can include cleaning of UPVC (guttering, fascias, pipework, window frames), pressure washing, carpentry, (including laminate flooring) plumbing and tiling. I look forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards,
Steve Kaye

If you request a quotation from me, I aim to get to you within 24 hours and then get the quotation back to you within 48 hours from then. My quotations are generally inclusive of an exact price, an exact description of what I propose to do and list of references. My quotations are, of course, free of charge.


Quotations versus estimates


Of course, an estimate is an approximate price given to you by a contractor or Tradesman. The estimated price is usually exceeded and you can end up paying far more than you expected. I prefer to offer only exact quotations, so that you pay what is agreed in the first instance. This keeps everything straight and simple.

Kitchen cupboard doors do not always have to be replaced. I can refurbish them for you at a reasonable rate, in a colour you like, with an outstanding finish! Just like those in this picture. Call me.

Guttering can be a difficult issue. We can clean your existing UPVC guttering to a high standard, inside and out. Alternatively, if you have existing metal or cast-iron guttering, we can can clean it inside and out, and seal any leaks, then paint it to bring it up to a really good standard. Cast-iron guttering can last for ages and there is usually plenty that can be done to restore it. Just ask!

We are only a phone call away

01803 529538
07719 767212
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